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Awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize at the Monozukuri Nippon Grand Awards
Monozukuri literally translates as ‘the process of creating a product,’ but the concept has a much greater meaning as it is synonymous with excellence and innovation, and has been a guiding principle in Japanese culture and industry for centuries. The Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award Prime Minister’s Prize was established in recognition of those who support monozukuri, to encourage them in their endeavors, and to pass on the monozukuri spirit to the next generation.




Many social infrastructures such as roads and bridges, which support Japan’s social and economic activities, were constructed during the high-growth period. These infrastructures will eventually reach the end of their usefulness. However, the removal of old infrastructures and construction of new ones will not be easy if the current harsh economy continues. Thus, appropriate maintenance is needed to extend the lifecycle of these structures. It is also important that the maintenance techniques used are safe for the workers involved as well as for the global environment.

An effective measure for extending the service life of steel structures such as bridges is to switch from conventional coatings that provide some degree of corrosion resistance to highly durable anti-corrosion paint. To do this, the existing coating must be removed. In the conventional removal technique, the waste materials including lead, which are toxic but also industrially useful, will be scattered. Thus, the prevention of environmental pollution and the recycling of resources are also required when removing anti-corrosion coating films.

The Invairowan Method, developed in response to these needs, has been highly evaluated for its economy and safety in removing anti-corrosion coating films, and has been effectively used in numerous cases based on extension activity in the past four years.

Our company was established mainly to promote and extend the patent technology of the Independent Administrative Agency Public Works Research Institute, “Invairowan Method: Environment-responsive/on-site coating removal technique,” as well as develop relevant techniques. Our goal is to contribute to society through the appropriate removal of anti-corrosion coating films for the benefit of a recycling-oriented society.


Environment-responsive/on-site coating removal technique: Invairowan Method
Video on how to apply the Invairowan Method


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